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OPINION: The 6 Shows Binge Fringe Reviewers are Most Excited to See at EdFringe 2022

EdFringe is back in full swing and the Binge Fringe team are here to uncover hidden gems at this year’s festival. We are a Non-Binary and Women-led publication, venturing out into the farthest corners of the Fringe This year we are here to promote unheard voices and platform new writing. Our ethos for this year is simple:

Elevate unheard voices,
Find unseen corners.

To that end, we want to introduce you to our review team for this year. We have five exquisite contributors with diverse backgrounds and broad interests. Now this doesn’t mean that we aren’t excited to see other shows – these are just the ones that have peaked our interest early on. Take a look and you’ll find kinship with one of them, and know whose reviews to look out for!

Jake Mace – ‘The Beatles Were a Boyband’ & ‘Nightlands’

“Alright, I couldn’t pick just one, but I get Editor’s privileges. I’m excited for these shows for very different reasons, if that helps justify it. I can’t wait to see The Beatles Were a Boyband at Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose, Big Yin, at 20:00 between August 6th and 13th.

F-Bomb Theatre delivered a gutpunch of a show with Afterparty at EdFringe 2021. They’re back and tackling the nascent and ever-present issue of Women’s safety, with a show no doubt dripping in verve and style.

As Scottish new writers and a Women-led company, they fit our ethos this year of elevating and platforming important voices. Last year’s show was potent and vivid, insensing and invoking a powerful call to action. Their work is poignant, present and most importantly, playful.”

Nightlands by Dogstar Theatre caught my attention early on in the planning for this Fringe. Sitting at a unique intersection of my interests, Nightlands takes place in Post-Soviet Arctic Archipelago Svalbard, looking at disinformation in the dawning days of Putin’s regime.

A psychological thriller, I can’t wait to get stuck into one of my favourite topics from a distant corner of the world. Nightlands is taking place over at Summerhall – Old Lab at 20:45 between August 5th and 14th, part of a fabulous programme Summerhall have put together this Fringe.”

Kat Burton – ‘Faith: The Gospel According to George Michael’

“My pre-emptive Pick of the Fringe is Faith: The Gospel According to George Michael. Having been raised by a disciple of the man himself, I came out singing the words to ‘Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go’. I have all ‘Faith’ in the cleansing power of Dr Reverend Jimmy Goodlove’s comedic conversion therapy.

I am certain that after watching this, my fellow sinners and I will finally make our hair brush wielding, shower singing, George Michael-fantasising mothers proud. Faith is performing at Greenside @ Nicolson Square between August 15th and 20th at 19:55.”

Georgia Stone – ‘Up Her Sleeve’

“After a sneaky preview of Up Her Sleeve, I am even more excited to see this show. Esme Michaela is young, unapologetic and relatable, managing themes from such a revealing time in most young women’s lives. Ovarian disorders, questions of gender, sex, and feminism, all wrapped up in dark humour and honest exploration of self, sound pretty epic to me. Maybe Esme might make us all feel a little better about the awkward, uncertain, messy time in our lives when we wish someone had been so straight forward with us. And who doesn’t love some complementary chocolate?

Up Her Sleeve is taking place at Greenside at Riddles Court, between August 5th and 27th (not 7th, 14th & 21st) at various times.”

Ingrid Freeman – ‘AfroPolitiCool’

“My pick is Eunice Olumide’s stand up; AfroPolitiCool. I’m looking forward to hearing about the funny side of Eunice’s work in modelling, acting and in the public eye. Eunice’s show promises a humorous examination of the bizarre and extreme personalities in politics and life.

AfroPolitiCool runs from 4th – 21st of August at 20:35 in The Stand’s New Town Theatre.”

Sarah Kher-Bek – ‘Stop Trying to Be Fantastic

Stop Trying To Be Fantastic, an anti self-help show… That might actually help. Starting from a curious relationship with a magpie – covering bravery, saviour complex, self acceptance and everything that makes our species unique. I am intrigued and excited to hear all the wonderful ways we show our human, and anxious to see how an unexpected bird fits into all this?

Up Her Sleeve is taking place at Summerhall between August 5th and 28th, except on the 15th and 22nd, at 17:00 daily.”

Jake Mace

Our Lead Editor & Edinburgh Editor. Jake loves putting together reviews that try to heat-seek the essence of everything they watch. They are interested in New Writing, Literary Adaptations, Musicals, Cabaret, and Stand-Up. Jake aims to cover themes like Class, Nationality, Identity, Queerness, and AI/Automation.

Festivals: EdFringe (2018-2024), Brighton Fringe (2019), Paris Fringe (2020), VAULT Festival (2023), Prague Fringe (2023-24), Dundee Fringe (2023)
Pronouns: They/Them