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Why advertise with Binge Fringe?

Binge Fringe readers are interested in the unknown – generally speaking our readers are drawn to the site because we have a reputation for platforming the underdog. We have a disproportionately young readership (18-35). Our readers tell us they love our focus on highlighting Queer performance, creatives from underrepresented backgrounds, with our focus on work that has something to say about race, nationality, identity, culture and acceptance.

Our ads will provide your shows with exposure to potential audience members who deliberately seek out what we’ve mentioned above. We provide extremely affordable advertising options that are designed to draw more intrigue and interest to your show. At the last EdFringe, we reached over 12,000 audience members, and expect to see numbers well into four figures for VAULT 23.

Binge Fringe will be running editorial pieces, interviews, reviews and all other kinds of content from January 10th – it’s going to be a bonanza which draws in crowds of all kinds from social media, our regular readership and far beyond.

All advertising with Binge Fringe is not-for-profit, meaning we reinvest it into platforming unheard voices and discovering unheard corners of the creative scene and Fringe Festivals all across the world. Take a look at our advertising options below.

How to advertise with us

We’d love to hear more about your project and how it fits into our AdSpace for VAULT 23. Feel free to contact if you want to have an informal chat about advertising, see some more proofs or to ask question on your mind.

Payment is taken either by Bank Transfer or Paypal and secured by contract. We will discuss these details as soon as we have received your proofs.

We require a HQ show image and details about your editorial at least 3 days before your advert is due to go live. If you’re booking last minute, we’re happy to work quicker than that!

To advertise with us, please fill out the form below. We will respond within 24 hours to get you on the road to advertising with Binge Fringe!

‘Must-See Shows’ Carousel Advert

Affordable, Sleek and Unintrusive – this ad offers you the chance to let your show, and our 3-word editorial, speak for itself.

This carousel ad will run below the header on all pages on the Binge Fringe website, hovering above the content on the post, page or list of posts.

The stylish, non-intrusive carousel design allows our readers to “browse” the selection of shows at their own leisure, while still appearing on autoplay, meaning that they will have continual exposure to the content.

Your ad will be amongst 15-20 other shows, appearing in blocks of 5, meaning that each reader has a 1 in 5 chance of seeing your ad the minute they land on the site. The carousel then rotates every 3 seconds unless the user hovers over it, meaning they can take interest in what intrigues them most.

On laptops/tablets, the shows rotate 5 at a time. On mobile, the shows rotate 1 at a time, with just 1 ad being presented to show off what you’ve got!

The ads all link directly to the VAULT ticketing site – no middle-man or trackers – so our audience can get right to the good stuff and get you bums on seats!

We recommend using your show image alongside the title. At no extra cost, we will provide a 3-word editorial (examples shown above) which we believe will draw our readers towards your show. The link to buy tickets is subtly placed below the editorial, allowing users to focus on the content of your show – its real selling point!

All (Website Header)300px x 300pxTitle, Link to Tickets, 3-Word Editorial£0.25 per day. Run any dates.15-20 at one time, randomised order.
30 Day 20% Discount (Jan)30 Day 20% Discount (Feb)Last Leg 20% Discount (Mar)
£5.99 Jan 10th – Feb 10th£5.99 Feb 11th – Mar 11th£1.39 Mar 12th – 24th

Stand-Out Shows Highlight Advert

Chunky, Bold and Bright – this ad digs deeper into the identity of your show, and puts you on the map for all to see.

Please Note: The Stand-Out Shows ad is now sold out until ads beginning on/after March 3rd 2023.

This thicker carousel ad runs on the bottom of all posts on our website from all time.

With this ad, you’ll find yourself in amongst only 3 other shows, handpicked from those who request advertising with us to be the stars of our VAULT 23 advertising season. They will appear under every post from this festival and going back to all content we have on our website.

It’s an amazing opportunity to put your show on the map with a snippet from your show’s advertising (chosen by you), much more detail about when your show is on and the prices you’re selling tickets, as well as a brazen and chunky button to bring our audience straight to the VAULT ticketing site. The carousel rotates every 3 seconds to provide equal exposure to all shows, and is ordered randomly each time a user visits the post.

The ads all link directly to the VAULT ticketing site – no middle-man or trackers – so our audience can get right to the good stuff and get you bums on seats!

Your show image sits loud and proud next to a 3-word editorial and a snippet from your show’s promotional material. We can’t wait to see how it looks with your show involved!

All Posts, below content.600px x 400pxTitle, Long Editorial, Link to Tickets, 3-Word Editorial£0.45 per day. Run any dates.4 at one time, randomised order.
30 Day 20% Discount (Jan)30 Day 20% Discount (Feb)Last Leg 20% Discount (Mar)
£10.79 Jan 10th – Feb 10th£10.79 Feb 11th – Mar 11th£4.29 Mar 12th – 24th