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REVIEW: King Of More: #FOMO Clinic, King of More, The Glitch ★★★☆☆

Do you suffer from FOMO? Are you always thinking about what could have been or who you could be with? Perhaps the King of More’s #FOMO Clinic is for you. #FOMO Clinic is a part-comedy show meets life coaching meets karaoke cabaret show about letting go of the fear of missing out (FOMO). Full of infectious joy #FOMO Clinic is definitely what I would describe as a ‘Friday night’ show. 

The King of More, Dane Lukic, graces the stage in high heels and a black corset, which sets the tone for the show very well. I loved the vibe created by King of More. Their presence instantly settled the audience and got a few people dancing in their seats. I loved how bashful King of More came across as, embracing their mistakes and even encouraging the audience to leave because that’s the philosophy. There is no denying the inherent charisma the King of More exudes. It was a joy to witness. 

I did at times find the show a little confused. I loved how it blended comedy into this pseudo-scientific clinic workshop. However, I’m not sure how well it worked. I thought there was genuine insight into the feeling of FOMO and how to overcome it. However, coupled with a rowdy audience in a teeny tiny basement, I thought the show had lost its control. I found myself searching for a linear thread that would tie the show together but it was hard to grasp. 

On the note of the audience, the King of More was extremely encouraging of audience participation. Which, at times, worked delightfully but it quickly spiralled into a show where the audience felt a bit too (5% more?) comfortable to chime in. I found the show began to derail very quickly with audience members themselves trying to hit a punchline and King of More lacking control over it. However, cynicism aside, clearly the audience enjoyed themselves and felt welcome and safe in the space created. 

Primarily, I think #FOMO Clinic suffered from the space, I could imagine the show in a huge club room or cabaret theatre that can hold that raw Friday energy that the basement was buzzing with. It would allow us to get up on our feet and dance along to Jolene. 

Overall, #FOMO Clinic was a joyous show with a lovely message and intent but suffered in execution, I look forward to seeing how the show progresses and evolves. 

Recommended Drink: I think the vibe of the show will pass you by unless you pregame it with a drink or two, for this reason, I’d recommended necking a Long Island Iced Tea before. 

Want to catch some of that joy? You can find King of More: #FOMO Clinic at The Glitch on the 11th of Feb. Tickets are available here.

Aditi Mohan

Our Race, Ethnicity & Culture Editor & London Editor. Obsessed with the Postcolonial world. Aditi likes to look at how theatre and comedy reflects today’s world of multiplicity. She’s keen to watch any kind of theatre or performance but comedy is her go to, because if you don’t laugh you’ll cry.

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