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REVIEW: ReMythed, Roann Hassani-McCloskey, VAULT Festival ★★★★☆

If you’re in the mood for a heart-warming comedy bursting at the seams with queer joy then you need to check out ReMythed. This magical play uses short chapters to reclaim legends from all faiths and cultures, retelling them through a queer lens. 

The piece starts with loud music pounding and bright lights filling the space. The cast are in amongst the seats as the audience files in. When I saw ReMythed the cast were joking around with each other while handing out flyers, asking for selfies and creating a fun and welcoming experience. There was a lot of love in the room, and it was evident from the minute that I set foot in the space that the whole team behind this project wanted to create a safe space for queer people. Remythed felt like a warm hug and a reminder that there is good in the world if you look for it.

Remythed is a love letter to the queer people of history. As the cast of five energetic performers bounce around the stage not just as humans, but as Gods and animals too, they reimagine how history could have been different. Or in fact, how history probably did transpire, but our history books tell it in another way. From a present day Grindr date all the way back to the creation of humans, ReMythed presents stories about friendship, humility, finding love and community.

The lighting design was stunning, supported by the beautiful sound design threading the chapters together. The two elements combined created such subtle yet creative atmospheres; whether I was transported to a cave or a garden or a bumpy horse and carriage ride – the technical elements always managed to make me feel at peace. The script assumes a queer audience – and from the laughs erupting from those around me (and from me!), I think they were bang on the money when I saw ReMythed on its opening night.

Occasionally ReMythed was a bit too much like kids TV – simplistic and overly cheerful. Seemingly spontaneous moments were clearly scripted but still didn’t bring any new dimensions to the piece. Drawing attention to the meta moments isn’t as funny as just performing the meta moments – eg. when an actor turns out to be an audience plant and giggles their way up on stage. Thankfully, there is clear chemistry between all the actors, and they all multi-role like champs.

I walked out of ReMythed at VAULT Festival with a huge grin on my face. It was very special to see a play about queer individuals, without their stories centring on trauma or ‘coming out’. Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or not, this play will warm you from the inside and remind you that love is all around.

Recommended Drink: A tequila sunrise. Colourful and lovely, just like ReMythed.

Performances of ReMythed have now concluded at VAULT Festival. Keep up with the performer’s social media for future showings.

Holly Richards

Holly studied English Literature and Drama at university and loves sinking her teeth into every kind of performance, however she reserves a special place in her heart for anything movement based from clowning to dance theatre.

Festivals: VAULT Festival (2023)
Pronouns: She/Her