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REVIEW: Dirty Laundry, Meat and Two Veg/ Cambridge Footlights, EdFringe, 2022 ★★★★☆

Dirty Laundry wastes no time airing everyone’s secrets, from broke students and dining etiquette to murderous milkmen and dodgy politicians. Everything’s up for debate. Maddie, Robbie and Emily bounce through many modern-day issues with enough energy and passion for ending global warming. Delivered with just enough absurdist theatre and satire to keep us captivated and begging for more. Environmentalism, global warming, housing crisis, politics, feminist protester, dodgy home renovations, meditation, the power of capitalism, the list goes on, and you better be ready.

The sketches were beautifully sewn together with quick changes and an intelligent choice of music and sound. With excellent use of space and voice-over, the trio was inspiring to watch transition and recommit to every new sketch without ever dropping in energy. Multirolling, accents, costume and props, music, and comedy all piled together to support the overall theme and message. Topped off with a sense of fun and playfulness throughout the entire piece. Brilliant.

Not only were we subjected to our anxieties inside someone else’s home, but we were also shown the not-so-secret hidden agenda in media, politics and capitalism through smart satirical choices and comedic timing. It was commendable that the trio kept the audience with them even through all of this. At no point were we lost or uncertain about what was happening in the sketch. Particularly moments where we returned to some of the sketches were excellent at this. Their ability to set the scene and tell a story so quickly and with such confidence shows incredible potential.

With a black box set up, while the benefit is that you have a completely blank surface turn into your own, there’s also much less to work with as a base. In this case, the lighting could’ve played a much more integrated role in the delivery of this show. Doing this would’ve further enhanced the change in mood, scene, and overall tone of each sketch. Similarly, the chair work was great but could’ve been utilised more. There were moments where the chairs were underused and left a little purposeless on stage.

In saying all this, Robbie, Emily, and Maddie never faltered. Even when things didn’t quite go to plan, the trio embraced the playfulness of live theatre and the audience. These three are relatable, ridiculously funny and show a fresh and energetic take on the world.

Recommended drink: Nothing; you can’t afford a drink. Your student landlord just took your full deposit for existing in their shitty overpriced apartment.

Catch Dirty Laundry at Greenside @ Infirmary Street August 10-13, 15-20 at 21:55 Tickets are available through the EdFringe Box Office.

Georgia Stone

Georgia has a dance and musical theatre background, with a strong interest in cabaret, theatre, shows with themes of sexual openness, exploration of gender and equality, coming of age, and anything that pushes the boundaries of live performance.

Festivals: EdFringe (2022-2023)
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