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REVIEW: Matt Hoss: Here Comes Your Man, Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019 ★★★☆☆

Matt Hoss. What a unique individual.

I’ll be honest, there isn’t a huge amount to say about Matt Hoss. However what there is to say is largely positive.  Although the stand up comic treads the oh so familiar ground of the classic comic routine surrounding relationship problems, (YAY. Another comic is about to tell my how unlucky he is in love.) it has to be said so that I was no point bored of Matt’s stories, despite their familiar narrative. His natural charisma and charm welcomes the audience to this intimate venue with warmth and a smile.

One thing that dragged the show down for me was the over dependence on a particular joke. Call backs in comedy often lead to fun moments between a performer and the audience, however Hoss’ reliance on calling upon an audience member (Simon, in this case) lead to a few groans from the small audience, and from Simon himself, whom after enjoying it at first, seemed to be sat dreading his next calling.

What Matt does have above all else, is enthusiasm and energy in spades. I loved how quickly he jumped from topic to topic not really giving the audience a chance to relax. This is a style of comedy I enjoy above most others.

Matt Hoss certainly has potential and clearly enjoys his work. I hope to return to the Fringe again to see him with a more polished performance and a larger audience. I think he deserves it.

Mike Dorey

Bristol-based and fascinated by theatre and comedy in all its forms. He has covered a broad range of Shakespeare adaptations - both straight-laced and out-there - as well as taking a firm interest in stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, improvised comedy, music and even reviewing beatboxing. Mike is interested in the intersection of traditional and classical theatre with contemporary Fringe performance. His favourite drink is a vodka-coke (original, right?)

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