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REVIEW: Standing on the Miraculous Field, Prague Fringe 2024 ★★★★☆

What is so rebellious about organic farming? For farmer’s son, Terra, it seems just about everything is.

In our modern world of industry and technology, living a sustainable lifestyle can be revolutionary. The narrative explores themes of familial expectations, personal fulfilment, and the profound wisdom found in nature. Through Terra’s journey, Standing on the Miraculous Field offers a fresh perspective on the complexities of following one’s passion against societal pressures.

Terra always dreamed of being a farmer, but his parents had different aspirations for him, hoping he would become a doctor or enter another prestigious profession. Despite their disapproval, Terra embarks on a path of sustainable farming, developing a life philosophy that eschews conventional methods like removing weeds or using pesticides. His approach to farming, and life, emphasizes letting things grow naturally and finding harmony within the environment.

Throughout the show, Terra’s relationship with his parents evolves as they begin to see the superior quality of his sustainably grown produce. His philosophy extends to his personal life as well, where he allows his marriage to end, recognizing that his ex-wife is ultimately happier without the constraints of their relationship. The performance is interwoven with live music, enhancing the emotional depth of Terra’s story.

Standing on the Miraculous Field is beautifully written, using sustainable farming as a heartfelt metaphor for nurturing and personal growth. Terra, who plays himself, brings a warm and inviting presence to the stage. His genuine passion for farming and his philosophical insights creates a compelling narrative that resonates deeply with the audience.

The live music complements Terra’s storytelling beautifully, adding an emotional layer that enhances the overall experience. However, there are moments where the dramatic highs of the show could be more pronounced. Terra’s casual delivery sometimes undermines the intensity of significant events, making it challenging for the audience to fully grasp the gravity of those moments.

Despite this, the show’s core message—that personal happiness and fulfilment often require breaking away from societal expectations—is conveyed powerfully. Terra’s declaration, “I love my parents, I just wish they wanted me to be happy,” juxtaposed with his relaxed approach to farming, underscores the theme of finding balance and contentment in life.

In Standing on the Miraculous Field, Terra’s journey and his sustainable farming philosophy offer a refreshing take on personal fulfilment and the importance of following one’s passion. While the delivery occasionally lacks dramatic impact, the show’s originality and heartfelt message make it a deeply moving experience. Leaving the theatre feels like leaving a warm hug.

Recommended Drink: To reflect the philosophy of sustainable farming and letting nature do what it does best, this will have to be something fermented. I think I have to go with a warming glass of sake as you sit out in the field in Japan, listening to Terra.

Performances of Standing on the Miraculous Field have now concluded at Prague Fringe. Keep up with Terra online for future showings.

Moss Meunier

Moss is a bit of a globetrotter and struggles to stay in one country for long. They first fell in love with fringe theatre in Prague in 2014 and first performed at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2018 as an improv comedian. They’re interested in a broad range of genres but are particularly excited by themes of neurodiversity and immigration. Their favourite drink is a foamy pint of Pilsner Urquell - it was their first beer and tastes of teenage freedom.

Festivals: EdFringe (2023-24), Prague Fringe (2024)
Pronouns: They/Them