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INTERVIEW: A Digital Pint with… Rosalie Minnitt, bringing Unhinged Character Comedy ‘Clementine’ to EdFringe 2023

We last caught up with Rosalie Minnitt ahead of the debut of Clementine at VAULT Festival earlier this year. The show charts Lady Clementine’s unhinged quest to solve the mystery of her ill fortune in love without either sense nor sensibility. Ahead of her run at EdFringe 2023, we thought it was about time for a cheeky catch up over a pixelated pint to find out what’s new with Lady Clementine her character comedy piece,

Catch Rosalie Minnitt: Clementine at Underbelly Cowgate – Delhi Belly until August 27th (not the 14th) at 14:25. Tickets are available through the EdFringe Box Office.

Jake: Hey Rosalie! It’s been a hot minute since we last caught up ahead of VAULT Festival – tell us how Clementine did at VAULT and how it’s come along since.

Rosalie: It went so well! It’s definitely the best run the show has had so far, it was also the most fun I’ve ever had on stage! I’ve been working on bits and pieces since then. I’ve definitely had some tougher shows where I’ve been trying new things out and actually lost a little bit of confidence. I think that it’s all part of the process though and to keep it fresh you have to be.

Jake: Clementine had hit reviews at VAULT, where her being ‘Gen Z’s Ode to Womanhood’ really struck a chord. What are your hopes and ambitions for EdFringe?

Rosalie: I was so happy with the reviews at VAULT. I was nervous because the show had never been reviewed before so I was really relieved. I did a short work in progress of the show last year and in the last few days, the show really found its audience. I hope that happens again and that I can share the show with as many new people as possible.

Jake: Tell us about your relationship with Edinburgh and the Fringe – have you been before and how are you feeling about it all now we are here?

Rosalie: I’ve actually been to the fringe three times before. In my first two years I went with university productions which was a whole different ball game to bringing a solo show now but those years were such great introductions to the festival. I’m actually really excited now – I’ve had a few tough gigs and previews as I’ve been trying to work out kinks in the story line and perfect jokes but think that the show is in a really good place now so can’t wait to get started.

Jake: Given the themes of Binge Fringe, if your show was a beverage of any kind (alcoholic, non-alcoholic – be as creative as you like!), what would it be and why?

Rosalie: I think this show would be some insane mead-prosecco mashup. Something that gives bottomless brunch in the monastery.

Tickets are available through the EdFringe Box Office.

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