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EDITORIAL: All-Inclusive Cabaret! 5 Variety Performances with Something to Say at EdFringe 2023

Want all the infectiously fun atmosphere of a cabaret night with a kick-ass message to boot? We’ve put together our picks for five shows landing at EdFringe next month that blend variety with veracity, celebration with substance, and talent with purpose. All of these shows just ooze something special, while platforming, celebrating and enriching the arts scene with underrepresented voices and messages. A killer combination to add to your plans for an incredibly diverse and rich festival month ahead.

Gender Euphoric Musical Paradise – A Bit Too Much Hair

Photo: Butch Mermaid Productions

Described as a “Musical Paradise for thems, mens, femmes, and everyone in between”, A Bit Too Much Hair aims to centre trans-ness and welcome everyone into a chaotic, frenetic cabaret performance. The show’s cast jump between playing musical instruments, while singing about Gender Euphoria, exploring and celebrating difference while platforming Trans narratives. Be sure to join in the joy!

A Bit Too Much Hair – theSpace @ Surgeons Hall – Stephenson Theatre, Aug 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26 (17:00). Tickets are available through the EdFringe Box Office.

Post-Soviet Feminism Blended with Comedy & the Blues – The Feminist’s Handbook for Eastern Europe

Photo: The Kaisa Ling Thing

Estonia’s answer to Vaudeville Blues, The Kaisa Ling Thing, land in Edinburgh with their comedy cabaret show The Feminist’s Handbook for Eastern Europe. Seven songs tell the story of a young woman born in independent, post-occupation Estonia. The show aims to bring to light the Soviet residue that restrains feminist progress by polluting the minds of some of our central character’s fellow countrypersons. Sure to be defiant, hilarious, and rhythmic.

The Feminist’s Handbook for Eastern Europe, PBH’s Free Fringe @ Fingers Piano Bar, Aug 5-26 (not 13 & 20) (16:20). Tickets available through the EdFringe Box Office.

Synth-Fuelled Queer Cabaret Armageddon – Aidan Sadler: Melody

Photo: Aidan Sadler

Queer cabaret icon Aidan Sadler as they take you on a journey to the end of the world! Sadler warns us that nothing is safe from ridicule, so be led on an exploration of normalising the apocalypse, the price of a meal deal, and having a quick visit from your dead nan. The much-anticipated follow-up to hit cabaret Tropicana blends original synth-pop tunes with stand-up comedy to explore the concept of Armageddon, and how it might not be all that dissimilar from our current state of affairs.

Aidan Sadler: Tropicana – TheSpace on the Mile – Space 3, Aug 14-26 (not 20) (times vary). Tickets available through the EdFringe Box Office.

Journey through Motherhood with Clowning, Music, and Maybe Some Knitting – Charmaine Wombwell: Ma’s Monster

Photo: Charmaine Wombwell

Combining clown, music and maybe some knitting, Charmaine Wombwell’s character Ma explores her journey through motherhood, giving us the chance to see what happens when you not only wear your heart on your sleeve, but the other bits as well. Taking a tactile, visceral approach to the concept of motherhood, artist Wombwell offers a captivating and unique glimpse into heartfelt emotive themes.

Charmaine Wombell: Ma’s Monster – BlundaGardens: BlundaBus & Magical SpiegelYurt, Aug 13-17 (20:00). Tickets available through the EdFringe Box Office.

And After All… Oasissy: Don’t Look Back in Anger, Babes

Photo: Oasissy

Oasissy invite you to slip’n’slide inside a rock’n’roll fantasy party of joy, chaos and catharsis as the genderqueer drag-clown Oasis tribute act serve up queer cabaret from their madferrit, monobrowed imagination. We absolutely love the concept of queering 90s Brit Rock, and this duo serve up an exciting blend of clownery, embodying a spirit of silliness and self-aware satire.

Oasissy: Don’t Look Back in Anger, Babes, BlundaGardens: BlundaBus & Magical SpiegelYurt, Aug 21-25 (22:40). Tickets available through the EdFringe Box Office.

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