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REVIEW: Scramble!, Vivid Studios ★★★☆☆

A shared art space, an airline safety warning, Constantine the Great, glitter curtains, a very angry tiger, damp Frank, one of the sweetest water droplets to ever exist, a pineapple love affair, a suffering game show host, and a very well considered examination of the best bit of the alphabet – these are just a few of the things you might find a Scramble! Comedy night. 

When walking into the space you are automatically greeted with a feeling of relaxed creativity. The night itself is community-led and takes place in a co-working space in which various forms of seating have been crammed in. Sofas, armchairs, cushions, stools – all have been accounted for. The bar operates on a token based system in which, upon arrival, tokens may be purchased to be exchanged in the kitchen for a fridge-cold beverage of your choice.

As the space is filled with members of the audience and acts alike, there is a buzz of welcoming chatter. Introductions made. Lentil curls shared. This lends to the relaxed and open-minded feeling that permeates through the evening.

Scramble! pitches itself as an alternative comedy variety night and, on this occasion, such a claim certainly holds true. A variety of clown, character, stand up and musical comedy are on the bill for this particular instalment – each offering their own particular brand of the absurd. Highlights of this evening include Mikey Bligh-Smith singing with a mouth full of water, and Frank expressing their perpetual dampness through song (water seems to be a subconscious theme of the evening), as well a the charming bumbling of MC Constantine the Great (Kieran Shah) who seems as surprised by what they say about the past as the audience are.

This being said – unfortunately, at points of the evening there are some technical difficulties with sound that are handled with varying degrees of success by the acts. Such is treated with a relaxed nonchalance by the two organisers – Leonie Jean and Shah – that seems to be a theme of the night as a whole. 

Scramble! overall, is an enjoyable, relaxed evening that floats on the supportive sentiment of the crowd it draws. At times, some bits/acts go on too long, with no one seeming to want to be the one to cut things off. However, the night effectively offers a supportive room for that which is considered slightly off the wall within more traditional comedy spaces – and attracts an audience that will be on board with whatever is next, no matter how zany it is. 

Recommended Drink: A bottled Peroni exchanged for two tokens in the kitchen.

Livvie Newman

Based in London with a keen interest in all things comedy, Livvie has a background in sketch and stand up. She loves all things fringe theatre, as well as uncovering up-and-coming comedic talent. Her go-to drink is a Guinness, which is a surprise to no one.

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