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REVIEW: I’m Just Kidneying Edinburgh Fringe 2019 ★★★★☆

Amanda Nicastro invites an audience to listen to her real-life story of how she donated her kidney in order to save her sisters life. Sounds fairly simple on the face of it. In fact, at first I was wondering how on earth Amanda would stretch this story to an hour. Needless to say I entered this show ignorant and naive, I hope now that I am not, for the way she told her story was simply one of the most engaging performances I have witnessed.

The structure of the show makes it far easier for the audience to digest all the different elements of the narrative. Interspersed between her frank discussions about the preparation process are short scenes where she comically recreates her experience. It’s worth noting that, although this is an incredibly important and difficult topic to master, at no point does Nicastro make the audience feel awkward or uncomfortable. She is light-hearted in her delivery and what with her venue being a small one; being to cater to each individual and interact with them as she sees fit.

This laid back yet poignant look into Amanda’s life leaves the audience enlightened and thoroughly entertained. She takes you through the highs and lows of being a donor and the life she led as a result, as well as that of her sister and father (who are intimately involved with the story). Amanda is wonderfully charismatic and hilariously entertaining. Well worth a watch, I may even return to watch it again.

I’m Just Kidneying by Amanda Nicastro takes place daily at Sweet Novotel until 25th August 2019. Tickets can be purchased from the Fringe Box Office.

Mike Dorey

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