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REVIEW: Shane’s Singo: Music Bingo, Shane Durrant, Prague Fringe 2023 ★★★★★

Join Shane, your local musical talent as he guides you through a eclectic mix of classic party anthems, television themes and film scores as you try to win more alcohol than the annoying table next to you. They’ve got 9-5 on their card and you haven’t? Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll beat them to two lines, but first excuse me. Shane’s promised me and my partner a shot if we can perform the best Dirty Dancing lift (we failed at that by the way).

Shane takes audiences on a light-hearted but intensely passionate ride through some of the most famous music tunes of all time. If you have them on your card you cross them off, and beyond that standard bingo rules apply.

You could enact this concept with a Spotify playlist, but oh no no no no. Shane brings a god damn grand piano onto the stage and plays each song himself. I am unbelievably grateful for this. I am grateful because Shane’s musical talent knows no bounds. He is both endearing and incredibly powerful as a performer.

His voice can adapt to every song in whatever style he requires and his music knowledge means he can bash out any music tune on the piano you could want and need. His adlib turns and interactions with the audience make him incredibly likable as an individual as well as a performer.

Shane’s show is a glorious combination of bingo, sing-a-long and a live gig with an exceptionally talented musician and all round great performer.

Recommended Drink: Jump up on stage and grab one of Shane’s (a little bizarre) raspberry Vodka shots.

Performances of Shane’s Singo: Music Bingo have now concluded at Prague Fringe. Keep up with Shane on social media for future performances.

Mike Dorey

Bristol-based and fascinated by theatre and comedy in all its forms. He has covered a broad range of Shakespeare adaptations - both straight-laced and out-there - as well as taking a firm interest in stand-up comedy, sketch comedy, improvised comedy, music and even reviewing beatboxing. Mike is interested in the intersection of traditional and classical theatre with contemporary Fringe performance. His favourite drink is a vodka-coke (original, right?)

Festivals: EdFringe (2018-2019), Brighton Fringe (2019), Paris Fringe (2020), Prague Fringe (2023)
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