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REVIEW: The St Andrews Revue: Hot Yoghurt, Edinburgh Fringe 2019 ★★★★☆

“I sexually identify as straight, but when I DJ I’m queer.”

After winning the Derek Award for Best Sketch Comedy Show last year, the St Andrews Revue is back! What does Hot Yoghurt mean? Who knows!

A loosely-narrative-based show about a gang of criminals who come across the script for a sketch show, the Revue decide to embody their on-the-page comedy characters so as to redeem themselves in the eyes of the law. The framing is fun, as is the use of it to make even more sketches, particularly in one meta, self-referential sequence which involved your dear reviewer being deemed King Conga.

There’s less of a thematic through-line between the sketches than there was last year; however, the recurring ideas and skits which were present were welcome: skewering young champagne socialists who read Vice and Brexit being absolutely done to death, as well as the ketamine-addled talking horse. God knows I am always here for taking the piss out of taking the piss out of Brexit, and my general political affiliations.

The cast are strong performers and bounce off of each other well; as I wrote last year, they have “confidence … in spades,” buzzy chemistry and rhythmic physicality. It’s great fun, made all the better by the comically primary school-esque venue. University comedy troupes are consistently excellent at the Fringe, and you can definitely count the St Andrews Revue in that company.

The St Andrews Revue Presents: Hot Yoghurt is on at Just the Tonic at the Charteris Centre, 20:00, August 1 – 11, 13 – 25.

Jasper Cresdee-Hyde

Jasper is a writer, director and filmmaker based in Cambridge. He has particular interest in works surrounding the Apocalypse, comedy and musicals.

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