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Platforming unheard voices,
visiting unseen corners.

We create content about arts festivals and independent theatre all across the World. Our aim is to platform new writing from underrepresented creatives who are out to deliver kickass performances that defy conventional narratives and the status quo. We’re looking to platform unheard voices from unseen corners of the creative universe.

Our content is indulgent – we want to gorge and binge on creative work that inspires, excites and rebels. We write longform reviews that seek to touch the very heart of any work we’ve seen. Performance introduces a discussion, and we want to reach into the soul of work platformed at the world’s Fringe and similar Arts Festivals to unlock the good stuff.

We’re especially interested in exploring work from underrepresented backgrounds such as Black voices, Queer and Trans performers, Disabled and Neurodivergent narratives, Refugee creatives, work about Womanhood or the Climate Crisis – anything enriching, birthed in the minority and resolutely empowering.

Since starting coverage of EdFringe from a kitchen-diner in Scotland in 2018, we’ve grown to become a collective of diverse voices writing about work at four EdFringe Festivals, Brighton Fringe and Paris Fringe. We’re a not-for-profit organisation, meaning we reinvest any advertising revenue into continuing to platform emerging work through reviews, interviews, features and other forms of magazine content here on our site.

In 2023, we will cover VAULT Festival for the first time, head down to Adelaide Fringe in February as well as venturing out to Prague Fringe and returning to our spiritual home for EdFringe in August. Whew! What a year ahead!

Most of our contributors began creating Theatre, Music or Spoken Word and we take a performance-led approach to dissecting what we’ve seen.

Finally we should mention that we have a hedonistic ethos. Our contributors believe that the best Fringe experiences go hand in hand with a boozy beverage. Our U.S.P is that we provide a recommended alcoholic beverage with every show we feature and review. Like sommeliers at a fancy restaurant, we will give you the perfect aperitif to accompany that delicious show. That’s why our motto is ‘Drink Responsibly, Make Art Irresponsibly’.


★★★★★ – We wouldn’t change a thing about this show!
★★★★☆ – This show is excellent, a few key changes would make it perfect.
★★★☆☆ – This show is good but needs retooling to be considered “excellent”.
★★☆☆☆ – This show suffers either in conception or execution. This stops it from being able to be considered “good”.
★☆☆☆☆ – This show would not provide anything of value to our readers (we take this rating very seriously).

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